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About UsClick here to make a Park Reservation

The purpose of the Park Operations Program is to provide maintenance, security, and management services to the public, sports leagues, schools, and the recreation department so they can enjoy a safe, clean, accessible and playable environment throughout the parks.


Interactive Map of Parks & Recreation Centers Reservations Flyer

Interactive Map of Parks & Recreation Centers

Reservations Flyer

With the holidays approaching, please note that deep fryers are not permitted at City Parks due to the potential turf damage that they may cause.

Lost or Found

  • Lost something in one of our parks? Let us know! Found something? Even better! | Click Here

Park News | Please check back frequently for updates!

  • Two Chula Vista Parks Identified as Macy's "Heart Your Park" Fundraising Program Reicipent (Memorial Park and Windingwalk Parks) NEW!
  • KaBOOM! Names Chula Vista Among 213 "Playful City USA" Communities
  • Hilltop Park Playground Re-Opening
    • On August 9, 2013, the City of Chula Vista held a grand re-opening of the new 4,500 square-foot playground at Hilltop Park. This was made possible by a unique collaboration between KaBOOM!, Foresters, Turning the Hearts Center and City Public Works staff who joined an enthusiastic crowd of volunteers.
    • Over 200 volunteers teamed up to provide a complete overhaul of the park's 30 year-old equipment. Besides installing new features such as Triple Racer Slides, Rockblocks Climbing Wall and Scavenger Hunt, the new playground will also feature a nine hole course of Frisbee golf. (Staff is currently evaluating community input on the location of the Frisbee Golf Course. Please check back for more details.)
  • Park Award
    • The City of Chula Vista received an Award of Excellence from the California Park & Recreation Society (CPRS) for the category of “Park Planning – Community” of Mt. San Miguel Community Park. The 19-acre community park, located at 2335 Paseo Veracruz, was built in 2010 and designed by San Diego’s Schmidt Design Group. To learn more about this park, click here.

City Parks

Park Name Park Address More Info
All Seasons Parks 1825 Magdalena Avenue More Info
Bay Blvd Park F Street & Bay Blvd More Info
Bonita Long Canyon 1745 Coltridge Lane More Info
Breezewood Park 1091 Breezewood Drive More Info
Chula Vista Community Park 1060 Eastlake Parkway More Info
Connoley Park 1559 Connoley Avenue More Info
Cottonwood Park 1778 E. Palomar Street More Info
Discovery Park 700 Buena Vista Way More Info
Eucalyptus Park Fourth Avenue & C Street More Info
Explorer Park Rancho Del Rey Parkway & Norella St. More Info
Friendship Park Fourth Avenue & F Street More Info
Gayle L. McCandliss Park 415 E. J Street More Info
Greg Rogers Park 1189 Oleander Avenue More Info
Harborside Park 670 Oxford Street More Info
Harvest Park 1550 E. Palomar Street More Info
Heritage Park 1381 E. Palomar Street More Info
Hilltop Park 780 Hilltop Drive More Info
Holiday Estates I 368 Connoley Circle More Info
Holiday Estates II 383 Connoley Circle More Info
Horizon Park 970 E. Palomar Street More Info
Independence Park 1248 Calle Santiago More Info
J Street Marina View Park
Bayside Park
For reservations & information, please contact the Port of San Diego at (619) 686-6200.
Lancerlot Park 750 K Street More Info
Lauderbach Park 333 Oxford Street More Info
Loma Verde Park 1420 Loma Lane More Info
Los Ninos Park 150 Teal Street More Info
Mt. San Miguel Park 2335 Paseo Veracruz More Info
Mackenzie Creek Park 2775 Mackenzie Creek Road More Info
Marisol Park 916 Rancho Del Rey Parkway More Info
Memorial Park 373 Park Way More Info
Montevalle Park 840 Duncan Ranch Road More Info
Mountain Hawk Park 1475 Lake Crest Drive More Info
Norman Park 270 F Street More Info
Otay Park 1613 Albany Avenue More Info
Palomar Park 1350 Park Drive More Info
Paseo Del Rey Park 750 Paseo Del Rey More Info
Rancho Del Rey Park 1131 Buena Vista Way More Info
Rienstra Sports Complex 1500 Max Avenue More Info
Rohr Park 4548 Sweetwater Road More Info
SDG&E Park 1450 Hilltop Drive More Info
Salt Creek Park 2710 Otay Lakes Road More Info
Santa Cora Park 1365 Santa Cora Avenue More Info
Santa Venetia Park 1500 Magdalena Avenue More Info
Sherwood Park 69 Sherwood Street More Info
Sunbow Park 500 E. Naples Street More Info
Sunridge Park 952 Beechglen More Info
Sunset View Park 1390 S. Greensview Drive More Info
Terra Nova Park 450 Hidden Vista Drive More Info
Tiffany Park 1713 Elmhurst Drive More Info
Valle Lindo Park 545 Sequoia Drive More Info
Veterans Park 785 E. Palomar Street More Info
Voyager Park 1178 E. J Street More Info
Windingwalk Park 1675 Exploration Falls Drive More Info

Park Rules | Download Park Rules

Harborside Park Gazebo Harborside Park Mt. San Miguel Tot Lot

Refunds of security deposits for park reservations will be denied if any of the park rules or regulations are violated.

C.V.M.C. 2.66.270 Activities prohibited during certain nighttime hours - Exceptions.
All city parks, with the exception of Rohr Park, Hilltop Park, and Rancho del Rey/Independence Park, are closed between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. Rohr Park is closed between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.; Hilltop Park and Rancho del Rey/Independence Park are closed during the hours of 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. during the months of April through October, and during the hours of 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. during the months of November through March. All activities except walking or proceeding along designated sidewalks or pathways through the parks during closing hours are prohibited. The director of parks and recreation is authorized to alter the park closing hours stated above when the director determines it is necessary for the public health, safety or welfare. Such change in hours shall be effective when signs indicating the change are posted, and remain in effect until the city council meeting or for 30 days, whichever first occurs. The director shall prepare and submit a report to city council regarding the reason for the change and recommending appropriate council or administrative action, which report shall be considered by council at the next meeting. (Ord. 2651 § 1, 1995; Ord. 2572 § 1, 1993; Ord. 2494 §§ 1, 2, 1992; Ord. 2048 § 1, 1983; Ord. 1778 § 1, 1978; Ord. 1202 § 1, 1969; Ord. 1179 § 1 Art. 3, 1969; prior code § 21.3.2(25)).

  1. There is no smoking permitted in City parks.
  2. All trash and litter must be placed in trash cans. No confetti please. C.V.M.C. 2.66.90.
  3. You may bring your own tables and chairs along with canopies no larger than 10 feet by 10 feet, and no more than three canopies per event.
  4. All catered events must have a park reservation.
  5. No amplified music, TVs, live music or generators are allowed. Battery powered radios and boom boxes are allowed as long as the volume is kept down and they are not modified to include an amplified sound system. C.V.M.C. 2.66.185
  6. No animals or petting zoos are allowed except for dogs and cats. Dogs and cats must remain on a leash that is not longer than 6 ft. in length.
    C.V.M.C. 2.66.130
  7. All vehicles including motorcycles must stay in parking areas. No driving on park grounds. C.V.M.C. 2.66.100
  8. At Eucalyptus, Friendship, Harborside, Lauderbach and Memorial Parks, alcohol is not allowed without a permit. Your Park Reservation will serve as your permit.
  9. Alcoholic beverages are permitted, however, no keg beer or glass containers. This does not apply to the J St. Marina, Marina View, or Bayside Park, where alcohol is strictly prohibited. C.V.M.C. 2.66.035
  10. Fires are allowed only in grills. C.V.M.C. 2.66.140
  11. No guns, firecrackers, rockets, torpedoes, airguns, or slingshots are allowed in any park. C.V.M.C. 2.66.200
  12. No overnight camping. C.V.M.C. 2.66.060
  13. No one may charge a fee, sell any merchandise, display signs or posters, hand out leaflets or advertise in any Chula Vista park without written consent from the Director of Public Works. C.V.M.C. 2.66.060
  14. Electricity is not provided for public use in any Chula Vista park.
  15. Air jumps or ponies are allowed in selected park areas by permit only and only one standard air jump or pony permit per shelter is allowed. You are required to select your air jump from an Approved Vendor List.
  16. No game or food trucks are allowed to park in any City parking lot, nor any City street, per C.V.M.C. 5.62.020.

Points of Interest

Featured below are points of interest in several of our City of Chula Vista Parks.

KaBOOM! Names Chula Vista Among 213 "Playful City USA" Communities NEW!

Mountain Hawk Park | 1475 Lake Crest Drive | More Info

Mountain Hawk Park opened in 2006, and its amenities include an amphitheater, basketball court, walking trail, restrooms, and gazebos that overlook Otay Lake. Mountain Hawk also has the only interactive water feature in the City. The interactive water feature is open from April to November.

The Amphitheater is used by the public on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be reserved at this time. However, for special events or gatherings of 100+ people, please contact the Office of Communications.

Gazebo @ Mountain Hawk Amphitheater @ Mountain Hawk
Water Feature @ Mountain Hawk View of Otay Lake

Memorial Park | 373 Park Way | More Info

Memorial Park is the second oldest park in the City. The land was acquired in 1937, and park amenities include an amphitheater, municipal gymnasium, restrooms, and a swimming pool. Memorial Park is located in the City's "Downtown" area, and is also the site of the City's Memorial Monument dedicated to our armed forces who made the ultimate sacrifice, dating back to World War II.

Rohr Drop Hammer Rohr Drop Hammer

arrow Historic Drop Hammer Dedicated at Heritage Museum | Learn More

Veterans Park | 785 E. Palomar Street | More Info

A 12-acre park, located on East Palomar Street near Medical Center Drive, with panoramic views to the west and close to the Chula Vista Veterans' Home. Veteran's Park includes a prominent "Walk of Honor" walkway paved with bricks inscribed with the names of veterans. The City of Chula Vista is making these bricks available to individuals and businesses wishing to honor a veteran. To learn more, click here.

Walk of Honor Plaque Walk of Honor
Memorial Bricks
Blue Star Memorial By-Way

Montevalle Park | 840 Duncan Ranch Road | More Info

A 29-acre park in Rolling Hills Ranch along Hunte Parkway, Montevalle Park is now open. The property lies between Duncan Ranch Road and the Salt Creek Open Space. Montevalle contains a variety of amenities including three multi-purpose fields, a softball field, basketball and tennis courts, a skate area, off-leash dog area, playground areas, walking trail, and numerous picnic shelters and picnic areas.

The park also contains a 21,144 square foot facility that houses a gymnasium, various multi-purpose rooms, restrooms, craft rooms, game room, and adult annex, and other miscellaneous rooms.

Montevalle Basketball Courts Cheryl's Place
Montevalle Hiking Trails Montevalle Playground

Harborside Park | 670 Oxford Street | More Info

Harborside Park was the first park opened on the west side of the City of Chula vista in over 25 years. It was dedicated on April 29, 2006. Its amenities include a large gazebo, skate park, basketball court, playground area, restrooms, and sport field.

Harborside Harborside Shelter
Harborside Basketball Courts Harborside

Horizon Park | 970 E. Palomar Street | More Info

Horizon Park is located next to Hedenkamp Elementary School. Amenities include softball field, playground, restrooms, walking trail, basketball court, and a serenity garden.

Horizon Gazebo Horizon Playground
Horizon Park Horizon Park

Rohr Park | 4548 Sweetwater Road | More Info

Horizon Gazebo Rohr Adobe
Fort Apache Rohr Adobe

Named for Rohr Park's benefactor, this two-story wood and brick house sits in the center of the park. Although its form and function have been altered over time, Rohr Manor still looks much the same as it did when it was built in 1938 by Chula Vista contractor, Howard Sebastian. The house changed hands several times up until 1955 when it was purchased by Rohr Aircraft Corporation.

Rohr Aircraft was a very large part of the City of Chula Vista, at one point employing as many as 9,000 people. Its owner, Fred Rohr, cared about the health and well-being of his employees so much that he used company money to provide recreation facilities. During the 1940's and early 50's, he accomplished this by leasing the San Diego Country Club for use by his employees. In 1955, however, Rohr provided his employees with a place of their own. When he purchased the land that to this day bears his name, the house became his as well, and he used it as a recreation center for his employees.

Ownership of the house and property has changed hands only once more - to the City of Chula Vista. Rohr Manor and Rohr Park have been, and will continue to be enduring symbols of the City of Chula Vista's Parks Division.
Rohr Manor Ranger Station
Rohr Manor Ranger Station

Park Rangers are here to keep Rohr Park clean and safe, assist visitors with any needs and make sure reserved areas are ready for use.
(619) 267-5675

Rohr Walking Trail WALKING TRAIL

This 3.3 mile trail winds its way in and around the park through big shady trees, open space and a local golf course.
Rohr Steamer Railroad


Come out and ride this scale-model, working steam train! Operated by the Chula Vista Live Steamers, the train runs every second weekend of the month from 12-3 p.m. For more information, please call (760) 815-0978.

Rohr Equestrian Ring


The equestrian ring is used by a local riding club. It can also be reserved and used for pony rides at any special event.

Click here to make a Park ReservationPark FAQs


How do I know what areas are available for reservation?
By visiting the Park Reservations website, customers can check availability by selecting the date of their event. Based on the date selected, a list of available parks, gazebos and picnic areas will be displayed.

What if I don't see the park/gazebo/area I want to reserve on the list?
If the customer selects a date, and the desired location is not displayed on the list of available facilities, then the facility is either already reserved or may be blocked out by management for maintenance or other activities.

Do I need a reservation?
All unreserved City of Chula Vista park facilities are available to the public on a first-come, first-served basis.

Reservations are only required if:

  • You wish to have an Air Jump, Pony or Party Planner at the site
  • You wish to secure the use of a particular spot (Park staff place a "Reserved" sign the night before the scheduled event)
  • You have a group of 25 or more

How do I reserve a spot?
You may reserve a spot by visiting the Park Reservations website and selecting the date and location of your event. Payment methods accepted are Visa, MasterCard and American Express. You have up to two (2) days prior to your event to make your reservation. However, you are encouraged to make your reservation as soon as you know your event date because park facility reservations fill up fast, especially during the summer months.

How do I reserve a ballfield?
Mt. San Miguel Community Park fields must be reserved through Tim Farmer at (619) 409-5893. If you have questions regarding field usage at any other park (e.g. baseball, soccer fields) please call (619) 409-5892.

How do I reserve a Recreation Facility?
Please visit the Recreation Department website for Recreation Facilities such as:

  • Chula Vista Woman's Club
  • Heritage Park Community Center
  • Loma Verde Pool
  • Norman Park Center
  • Otay Recreation Center
  • Parkway Pool
  • Other Recreation Facilities

How much does it cost to reserve a gazebo or picnic area(s)?
Your fee is based on a full day's use. Anytime between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. All city parks are open to the public during those hours and cleanliness cannot be guaranteed. Early arrival is suggested. Please select a Park from the "Go to Park" menu for specific pricing by Park.


How do I cancel a reservation?
Reservations can only be cancelled online, using the following procedures:

  1. The person named on the reservation must submit a Refund Request through the city website.
  2. Parks staff will process the cancellation and submit a refund request to Finance Department for processing.
  3. Finance Department will arrange for a refund to be applied to the credit card used to make the reservation. Customers should allow at least 30 days for the refund process to be complete.

When can I cancel?
Cancellations can be submitted anytime prior to the event. HOWEVER,

  • Cancellations made less than than seven business days in advance will only be refunded the security deposit.
  • Cancellations made seven or more business days in advance will receive a full refund less a $5.00 handling fee.

Changes to an Existing Reservation

How can I change the date or location of my event?
Reservation changes are NOT allowed once the reservation payment has been submitted.

A cancellation must be submitted for the incorrect or re-scheduled event, and a new reservation will have to be made in order to reserve a different date/location. NO EXCEPTIONS. The parks website provides pictures and maps of each park facility, and customers are fully responsible for the accuracy of reservation dates and locations. Please allow at least 30 days for the refund process to be complete.

Please note:

  • Cancellations made less than than seven business days in advance will only be refunded the security deposit.
  • Cancellations made seven or more business days in advance will receive a full refund less a $5.00 handling fee.

Rain Refunds

It's going to rain! How do I get my money back?
Rain cancellations are determined on the day of the event by the City of Chula Vista staff. To request a refund due to rain, please submit a Refund Request ONLY AFTER the date of the event. Please note, customer are free to cancel their reservation anytime prior to the event date, however, if the reservation is cancelled less than seven days before the scheduled date, customers will receive ONLY a refund of their deposit, whether or not it rains.

It rained during my event. I want my money back!
To request a refund due to rain, please submit a Refund Request ONLY AFTER the date of the event.

Air Jumps/Ponies

Can I have an Air Jump or Pony vendor at any park?
No. Not every park allows Air Jumps and/or Pony rides. The following are a list of parks where Air Jumps and/or Pony Rides are not allowed.

No Air Jumps Allowed No Pony Rides Allowed
  • Mountain Hawk
  • Heritage
  • Veterans
  • Montevalle
  • Harborside
  • Mountain Hawk
  • Mt. San Miguel
  • Horizon
  • Windingwalk
  • Heritage

Where can I find a list of approved vendors?
For a complete listing of approved Air Jump, Pony and Party Planning vendors, please visit our Approved Vendors page.

Can I use my own Air Jump equipment?
No. Only air jump equipment belonging to and provided by approved vendors is allowed on City property. Use of privately owned equipment and/or use of an unauthorized vendor is considered a violation of park rules and regulations, and will result in automatic forfeiture of your deposit. Parks staff is authorized to require immediate removal of any unauthorized equipment.

Can I have an Air Jump permit without reserving a gazebo or picnic area?
Most parks require a gazebo or picnic area reservation in order to obtain an air jump permit. There are a few city parks which allow customers to obtain only an air jump permit, with no other reservation required. Those parks are:

  • Bonita Long Canyon Park
  • Discovery Park
  • Eucalyptus Park
  • Explorer Park
  • Greg Rogers Park
  • Los Niños Park
  • Marisol Park
  • SDG&E Park
  • Sunridge Park


The Rohr Park train runs the 2nd full weekend of each month with the exception of September in which it runs on Labor Day weekend. For more information, please contact the Chula Vista Live Steamers at (619) 422-3175.

General Park FAQs Click here to make a Park Reservation

Can I make a park reservation online?
Park Reservations are now ONLY processed through our Park Reservations website.

Where can I find a list of City Parks?
By visiting the City Parks tab at the top of this page.

Where can I find a map of City Parks?
We now have a fully interactive map of all City Parks and Recreation Centers.

Where can I find information about the Adopt-A-Park Program?
Find information as well as a downloadable application for park adoption, at the Adopt-A-Park Program page.

How do I reserve the Mountain Hawk Amphitheater?
The Amphitheater is used by the public on a first-come, first served basis and cannot be reserved at this time. However, for special ev ents or gatherings of 100+ people, please contact the Office of Communications.

What if I already have a reservation and want to add another air jump, have a bigger than 15x15 air jump or use another vendor like a food cart?
The Parks Department has a Special Park Use Application for those types of requests and others that do not require additional permitting. All other events that are over 100 people need to go through the City Special Events Coordinator, who can be reached at (619) 409-5445.

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